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FORM X Dan Messore - Alaias

Updated: May 9, 2018

Alaias by Dan Messore

When chance encounters end up creating great things, you have to question if that encounter was chance.

When Al and Dan met in Costa Rica one starting a new board brand and the other releasing a collection of music inspired with a surf movie in mind it was destined to go in a good direction.

Not only does Dan create radness in the musical world he's partial to a fin blast or two when the fingers get sore from creating new tunes.

He took a particular shine to Alan's new ADPT board, with a multitude of fin set up options and an outline that caught his eye. Dan pre ordered his custom ADPT before leaving the coconut lined shores of south America.

He asked the factory team to incorporate the new album cover into the art work design of his new custom surfboard.

Dan Messore and his custom ADPT by FORM Surfboards

Music from the new album Alaias is also featured on our FORM videos, so if you like the music then here's a link to the website. and the social media links @alaias_music

Alan Stokes and Dan Messore with his new ADPT

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