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Summer Fun! The MODE X vs FLOWSTIK Mini

With summer in full swing and beach days a must we take a look at two of our most popular summer small wave designs to help you catch more waves and maximise the fun time!

Side by side the MODE X and FLOWSTIK Mini both share a very curved outline and relaxed rocker. Both designed for small average surf with a thruster or quad option as standard but that's were the similarities end. So what set's these two surfboard's apart from the rest of the pack and each other and why are they so good in summer waves?

First up the FLOWSTIK Mini, part of the FLOWSTIK family that includes the FLOWSTIK and FLOWSTIK Pro, the FLOWSTIK Mini is a cut down version of our most popular design. Keeping all of the flow and speed of the original FLOWSTIK design, this shortened version was designed for small wave summer surfing, allowing the board to fit tightly in the pocket for fast stylish carves and snaps. The generous volume and wide curved template will get you into and riding waves with very little effort and that's the beauty of this board, easy wave catching combined with the flow and glide synonymous with the FLOWSTIK family. The FLOWSTIK mini has many fin options to keep wave riding interesting and fresh and can be ridden as a thruster, quad, twin + trailer. Our favourite and definitely the fastest fin setup we've tried is the split keel that finds a great balance between speed and open face manoeuvrability. This is a board truly built to bring out the fun on those summer beach days!

Mini perfection on the FLOWSTIK Mini, designer Alan Stokes showcasing just how small a wave can be ridden and how fast the board flys!

More summer shred sessions, this time Stokes flying in some typical average summer surf.

Next up the MODE X a progressive shortboard, that excels in small to shoulder high average surf. Just like the FLOWSTIK Mini the MODE X design maximises small wave energy, creating incredible drive and speed, but this board's progressive template, rocker and rail combination, similar to that of our high performance GOTO shortboard allows all of that drive and speed to be carried into progressive snaps, hacks and airs. If you love the feeling of jamming your shortboard into a nice face or launching airs off of an oncoming end section then think of the MODE X as your go to progressive shape for small average summer conditions where your standard short board feels sluggish from the get go. The MODE X comes as a thruster of quad fin setup for that extra down the line speed plus generous distributed volume with a relaxed rocker will help you up your wave count on those weak hard to catch days. The MODE X is a super fun, lively summer shape with a performance edge, perfect for aspiring groms trying to stick their favourite air or dad just trying to sneak in a few waves in between bbq duties.

After borrowing Alan Stokes's MODE X, it didn't take grom ripper Beau Hancock long to add a MODE X to his Christmas list.

Pre summer MODE X design testing with Alan Stokes. They say the proof is in the pudding, looks like Alan had the whole thing!

Both the MODE X and FLOWSTIK Mini are available now exclusively at Boardshopcouk

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