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FORM Surfboards is a collection of surfboards created by Alan Stokes and a team of board builders who have worked together for over 10 years. FORM Surfboards came from the desire to be free from the constraint of traditional board design. After spending 30 years competing at a top level Alan's interest in board design and how a wave should be surfed changed from solely high-performance shortboards to new concepts, different designs and new lines. 


This change in outlook combined with a lifetime of knowledge in the ocean created a range of surfboards that give the surfer expression, control and functionality. 


FORM Surfboards aims to create surfboards that allow surfers to be expressive with design and their approach to surfing. Like no two waves are the same, no two surfers are either. With speed and performance at the heart of the design process, the FORM Surfboard range allows the rider to experiment with a variety of craft that draw unique functional lines on a waves canvas. This freedom opens up and maximises a surfers potential to create their own style of wave riding with an effortless glide.


Teaming up with his long-term board building team the FORM Surfboards range uses surfer, shaper and craftsmen's knowledge to create boards that use only the best materials in production, the finest craftsmen finish and a shapers eye to create an end product that rivals the top surfboard brands worldwide. 

FORM Surfboards also strives to be at the forefront of design and innovation. Using new materials and construction methods to bring you the highest level of performance in all conditions. 


Our three constructions allow you to choose materials and flex patterns to suit, your style and wave conditions. 

All tried and tested by surfer and manufacturer. 


FORM Surfboards, created by the surfer. Designed from experience, crafted from knowledge 




our story

Form Surfboards designed by Alan Stokes

FORM Surfboards are handmade in the UK. Our Newquay based factory lies in the heart of the UK surf industry.

Working with only the best materials on offer we create surfboards to the highest standards.


We strive to create surfboards that are functional, aesthetically stunning and manufactured to the high standard. Our team of board builders have over 100 years of experience between them.




FRUIT SCOOP surfboard by Form Surfboards

We aim to create surfboards that work for you. This means sometimes you might want to change aspects of the board to suit your style, to change designs and add custom artwork. You can custom order your FORM Surfboards direct with us here at the factory, speak to the shapers and make sure you are getting the correct board for you. 


Contact us on 01243 674250

Email us at:

Visit us:, Unit M3, Hilton Park, Church Farm Lane
East Wittering, West Sussex
PO20 8RL

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