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The FLOWFISH continues the lineage for the FLOW line of boards, the FLOWSTIK, FLOWSTIK Pro and the FLOWSTIK Mini all super successful boards in their own right and the FLOWFISH is a welcome addition.

The Flow Fish has been developed to sit between a performance twin and a traditional fish, the aim is to offer there best of both worlds. The board has the speed of a trad fish and the turning ability of a performance twin, its damned hard to get this combo in a board but the endless testing by Stokesy and Luke Hart's shaping genius have hit gold. There is continuous V through the base to give speed and the curvy outline makes it smooth to surf, the lengthened rail line and pulled down rail makes the board feel really secure when pushing though turns, its a super fun board to surf. If you want an alternative to shortboard surfing and like the idea of fast swooping turns then the FLOWFISH is for you!





The choice of fin will have a big impact on how this board surfs; an upright twin like the FCS II Power Twin will tighten your turns and control but decrease speed a little, a keel like the FCS II Modern Keel will max out the speed factor but slacken your turns a little.





The FLOWFISH is available in standard PU or performance EPS


5ft 6 x 20.5 x 2.4375   31.5 litres

5ft 8 20.75 x 2.50 33.8 litres

5ft 10 x 21 x 2.5625 36 litres

6ft 0 x 21.375 x 2.625 38.7 litres

6ft 2 21.62 x 2 11/16 41.2 litres

6ft 4 x 21.875 x 2.75   43.8 litres

Or totally customisable through

Boardshops online board builder here  

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