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The FORM Techno, the big boy shortboard that guarantees a high wave count without sacrificing performance.

The Techno has been developed to make surfing a shortboard easier than ever before. Clever design tweaks, carefully thought out volume distribution and a sensible rocker mean this board can be surfed by pretty much anyone in a wide range of conditions. The wave entry speed comes from the flattish rocker, this also helps generate speed in less than perfect conditions, the pulled down rail makes turning easier and also gives great hold through your turns which again generates speed. The low volume tail and pushed together fin cluster all adds to the pivoty feel you get in this board. The single to double concave adds to the performance, this board will go vertical with the right surfer on board (!!) but equally you can size it to be a lazy shortboard that will still deliver the goods.

Wave range is waist to overhead and this super adaptable shortboard will deal with a bit of chop or wind just fine. The forgiving nature of the outline means it will work for someone wanting to progress their turns and overall performance.







Fin wise surf it as a standard thruster with something like the FCS II Neo Glass Performer or for some variety especially on smaller days try with a Twin plus trailer set, like the FCS II Power Fin.






The Techno is available in standard PU or performance EPS


6ft 4 x 22.25 x 2.75         42.9 litres

6ft 2 x 22 x 2.6875         40.4 litres

6ft 0 x 21.75 x 2.625       37.8 litres

5ft 10 x 21.5 x 2.5625     35.3 litres

5ft 8 x 21.1875 x 2.5        32.9 litres

5ft 6 x 20 15/16 2 7/16  30.8 litres

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