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The all new GOTO 2.0 surfboard is an update on Stokesy's favourite shortboard, the original GOTO. The 2.0 update brings a new tail shape and a subtle hip together with a slight rocker change.

The GOTO 2.0 is that everyday shortboard that you've been looking for; lowish entry rocker, pulled down rails, single to double concave, thumb tail and a slight hip at the fins are the ingredients you need to maximise your wave count and get the most out of any shortboard, the GOTO 2.0 does this brilliantly. Wave range is waist to overhead and this super adaptable shortboard will deal with a bit of chop or wind just fine. The forgiving nature of the outline means it will work for someone wanting to progress their turns and overall performance.

Alan Stokes says: "The GOTO was the board I always grabbed when Fistral was 3 foot and not too windy, I surfed this new version through last winter at home and then through Sri Lanka, the GOTO is my new go to shortboard!"





Alan surfs the GOTO as a standard thruster shortboard with large FCS Toledo fins but this board will perform well with any off the FCS thruster fin model options.


The GOTO 2.0 is available in standard PU or performance EPS

GOTO 2.0


6ft 6 x 20.5 x 2.8125  39.1 litres

6ft 4 x 20.5 x 2.8125  39.1 litres

    6ft 2 x 19.875 x 2.6875  34.4 litres

  6ft 0 x 19.625 x 2.625  32.2 litres

                       5ft 10 x 19.375 x 2.5625  30 litres                               5ft 8 x 19 2.50 28 litres      

Or totally customisable through

Boardshops online board builder here  

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