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T H E  R A N G E

HIGH LINE by Form Surfboards
FLOW STIK by Form Surfboards
FRUIT SCOOP by Form Surfboards
ADPT by Form Surfboards
Form Surfboards by Alan Stokes
GO TO by Form Surfboards

The FORM Surfboards range. Designed and tested by Alan Stokes and created with Alan's longterm board builder to bring together a range of surfboards for a variety of surfers, abilities and conditions. The FORM Surfboard range allows you to ride waves in a fun, creative way. Alan's years of surfing ability and experience has allowed him to fine tune each surfboard model, allowing the rider to feel pure functionality under their feet. 


Alan say's that each surfboard in the range is unique. Designed over years of experimentation, offering specific performance characteristics. But he adds at the very heart of each design is one simple principal, a board that seems to find it's own way, that magic feeling we are always chasing in surfboards! A surfboard that effortlessly harnesses wave power, turning it into speed and drive, freeing up the wave riding experience to allow the rider to express themselves more.


 FORM Surfboards can also be custom ordered to suit your surfing.

Our five models allow for a huge wide range of conditions and styles.

From 1ft to 2ft beginner and intermediate fun waves to pure performance surfing in larger surf, there is a board for every surfer in our range. 







For more information or custom order you can call us on 01637 499912 or email us at




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