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The Jet is a collab project between FORM and Steve Darch to create an amazing board that can be used in a myriad of wave styles and sizes.

These two highly skilled craftsmen have worked side by side with Alan Stokes to develop and refine this FORM X Darchy Jet, resulting in a surfboard that will blow your mind.

Delivering speed to burn right from the take off, we have never surfed a board that is so easy but so responsive at the same time, you just look where you want to be, and the board is there. Having a small amount of lift through the nose, which filters into a low entry rocker, you can get the board paddling into waves with minimal effort. Once up and riding, the rail profile, which is essentially a medium set rail, grips for you to drive from and you can get the board flowing rail to rail, gaining more speed and when the section presents itself you can really attack on this surfboard. Having a touch more lift in the tail, along with the hip found just off of the front fins, allows the board to really fit into the pocket of the wave, so when presented with the chance to turn, this board will not let you down.

Primary designed to be surfed as a twin plus trailer configuration (think FCS II MR Twin+Trailer), the FORM X Darchy Jet can also work as a thruster, you would do this if you wanted to wipe off some speed and gain a touch more control. Pairing the modern performance rail outline with the fin set up and a winged tail allows great versatility and manoeuvrability. Available in PU or EPS construction.

When it comes to sizing your new Jet model, we recommend going roughly 1-2 litre above your daily driver to achieve the best range on this model, if you are looking for a hybrid style, do it all surfboard. These have been scaled up into mid length models to, for sizing on these, keep the rail length and benefit from extra paddle speed and glide!


5ft 8 x 19.625 x 2.4375 29.6 litres

5ft 10 x 20 x 2.5 32.2 litres

6ft 2 x 20.625 x 2.625 36.9 litres

6ft 4 x 20.875 x 2.6875 39.3 litres

6ft 6 x 21.25 x 2.75 42 litres

Or totally customisable through

Boardshops online board builder here  

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