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FLOW STIK MINI surfboard by FORM Surfboards
FLOW STIK MINI surfboard by FORM Surfboards


So the waves are small, the car is full and the froth for a waves is high...... it's a common combo of occurrences we all face especially in summer or on holiday...


Well we have just sorted you right out with this little number! The FLOW STIK MINI eeks out any energy the wave on offer can muster, meaning you will get waves effortlessly in the weakest of conditions...


Like it's big brother the FLOW STIK , the FLOW STIK MINI is fast off the mark and very stable under foot and really excels in it's mobility when riding the wave. The speed in which you carry on rail gives you an agile grovel machine that enhances your chances of performance surfing especially in the lower scale subpar average conditions of waves.


Vee to double, vee concaves offer smooth rail to rail transitions, loads of squirt and plenty of lift through flat sections of the wave. Couple this with the pulled down rail and flat voluminous deck and you get the balance of wave count and shredding in equal measures.


The FLOW STIK MINI takes the effortless glide of the FLOW STIK and adds the spice and energy we all want to feel from our surfing when on good waves , but allows for it in the weaker end of the wave spectrum. What a flyer!


Check out the footage of Alan on a stock 5'5 surfing a standard summers day at his local if you need any more proof that this should be your next super grovel machine.....


We love to ride the FLOW STIK MINI as both a quad and thruster depending on conditions. The quad fin setup allows for maximum speed and drive. This fin combo also adds a smooth arching flow to turns. If your surfing clean waves or long points breaks this would be an ideal fin setup. The quad also excels in small weak surf allowing the board to freely flow down the line and through flat sections. Alan loves using his FCS Performer quad fins in this board.


This board also comes with a thruster fin as optional, great for adding more vertical attack to your turns especially on those onshore days when waves lack that down the line wall. Alan loves using his FCS Toledo large fins in this board, especially for tight pocket turns and airs!

Dimensions - FLOW STIK MINI


5ft 8 x 21.625 x 2.625 36 Litres

    5ft 10 x 22.062 x 2.687 38.7 Litres

6ft 0 x 22.437 x 2.75 41.5 Litres

6ft 2 x 22.75 x 2.187 44.2 Litres

6ft 4 23.12 x 2.88 47.8 Litres


Watch FORM designer pro surfer Alan Stokes surfing the FLOW STIK MINI

Board talk, Alan Stokes talking about the new FLOW STIK MINI and why he loves it so much!

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