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Dimensions - MODE X

5ft 4  20.25 x 2.38 28.8 Litres

   5'5  19 1/4 x 2 5/16 26.3 Litres

5ft 6  20.5 x 2.437  30 Litres

     5ft 8  20.75 x 2.562  32.7 Litres

 5ft 10  21 x 2.625 34.9 Litres

6ft 21.50 x 2.75 38.4 Litres

  6ft 2 21.75 x 2.81 41.1 Litres

  6ft 4 22.12 x 2.88 43.8 Litres

  6ft 6 22.50 x 3.00 47.5 Litres


The design brief is always the same when it comes to performance in small waves. You want speed, flow, stability, forgiveness, pop, drive and above all else, you want to catch plenty of waves. In order to achieve the feels you need to harness the best balance between foam and performance, we have designed a board that  catches waves really easily and then feels like you are cheating when up and riding.


 We give you the mode X!

The volume in this board is beautiful synchronicity, offering all the wave catching power you need with out hindering the performance you feel under foot. Using bottom shapes and foil spread to counter balance the agility with the ease of use, this is why it goes so fast! and maintains it's fluidity on rail.


Average weekend warrior to pro surfer alike. You will go faster and you will surf more waves. We don't profess to be the best surfers in the world in the UK but we sure can utilise the promise from an average wave, given that is what we tend to get 90% of the time. Harnessing all the power a wave can muster is the concept for the ultimate groveller and we feel we have obtained this in the MODE X design. 


Relaxed rocker, increased tail kick, a subtle hip in the outline with forward foil and wide point precision. Dialled in fin set up and a single concave to vee, splits tail and nose. All combine to produce what we believe to be the ultimate UK small wave surfboard. 


The MODE X ability to still generate speed in small waves for high performance turns is largely due to the unique fin placement that captures any energy on the wave face. To really capitalise on the amount of speed and drive this board can generate having the right fins is so important. This board comes both as a quad and thruster fin setup. After many surfs swapping fins in and out Alan absolutely loves the FCS Performer quad fins and the FCS Toledo thruster fins when surfing this board.

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