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Dimensions - FLOW STIK


   6ft 2 x 20.625 x 2.625 37.3 litres

  6ft 4 x 21 x 2.11/16 37.3 litres  

6ft 6 x 21.25 x 2.75 42.4 litres

    6ft 8 x 21.50 x 2.13/16 45.2 litre

   6ft 10 x 21.75 x 2.875 48 litres 

7ft 0 x 22 x 2.937 50.5 litres

        7'2 x 22 1/4 x 3.00 53.7 litres

        7ft 4 x 22.50 x 3.00 53.8 litres

         7'6 x 22 1/2 x 3.1/16 57 litres

Smooth effortless surfing in anything. Pick your line and cruise your head off!


Adding response to the midlength shape is key to making the board easy to surf.


A sensitive foil and
lower more relaxed rocker offers the balance of quick reactions and a stable platform that catches
waves easily and naturally 
holds a line.


The soft curves glide in and out of rail to rail transitions making speed gathering really effortless. always maintaining a sense of lift whether you are on your feet or paddling for the wave, the FLOW STIK is like it’s already doing what you are about to ask it to do.


Gentle vees into subtle spiral concaves through the fins give this board hold off the tail and
forgiveness through the rail, especially at lower speeds.


You can surf 1-foot waves or ten-foot waves with the same approach to your surfing line.


With thruster or quad options as standard or twin keel and single fin options on custom orders, this is one smooth speed machine with a touch of forgiveness when you need it through turns. Think a knife through butter!


The ultimate free surfing
ease machine will catch all the waves and have you styling to the beach every session.


Stokesy says: for me, the FLOW STIK is about connectivity to the wave. Not so much up and down
surfing but fluid rail to rail surfing with continuous lines.


Just linking everything together in a non stop movement from start to finish of the wave. Don’t get me wrong I can fully surf it off the tail but that rail line just makes you want to grind the rails through swooping cutbacks and off the tops with continuous movement and speed.


It's an awesome feeling to stay high up on the wave and just glide through turns whenever you want to wash speed off.


It’s the most effortless board in the range not just for it's wave catching but its flow on the rail too.

Anyone could surf this board and know exactly what I am feeling when I say it’s an experience in it's self.


A great board for advancing beginner to intermediate surfers in the standard thruster, quad fin option. Plus for all those intermediate to advanced surfers looking to spice up their surfing, I would recommend the custom twin keel and single fin option. For me it's one of, if not the fasted board and fin combos I have ever surfed!

FlOW STIK by Form Surfboards
FLOW STIK by Form Surfboards
FLOW STIK by Form Surfboards
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