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5'5       19 1/2        2  3/8         26.9 ltr

5'7       19 3/4        2  7/16       29 ltr

5'9        20  1/16    2  1/2         31 ltr

5'11      20 3/8       2  9/16      33.3 ltr

6'0        20  9/16    2  9/16      34 ltr

6'2        20 3/4       2 5/8         36 ltr

6'4        21              2 11/16     38 ltr

6'6        21  5/16    2 3/4         41.1 ltr

Fin Guide

The STOKESTIK's can be ridden as a thruster for vertical in the pocket surfing, quad fins for down the line speed for flowing carves , or the 2 + 1 fin setup with twin fins or large thrusters and a smaller trailer fin.  After many surfs swapping fins in and out Alan absolutely loves the FCS Toledo thruster fins, the FCS Performer quad fins and the FCS Power 2+1 fins.  


Like all of the FORM Surfboard designs the STOKESTIK has been designed, shaped, surfed and then redesigned with Alan Stokes at the helm. His meticulous attention to how a surfboard feels on a wave, from take off to final turn.  Alan says "It's that inexplainable feeling of speed, manoeuvrability and ultimately connection that makes a truly great design". 


This time we wanted to create a board that incapsulates that one epic feeling Alan is talking about and a feeling we all get at the end of a great wave, the feeling of stoke! An on going R&D process over the last two years, we are super excited to share this design with you all. A board that is super smooth to ride, a board that seems to reconnect you to the source and power of the wave with ease whilst generating speed with minimal effort from the rider. 

The STOKESTIK is a surfboard that has taken design characteristics from all of the FORM models from the effortless flow and glide of the popular FLOWSTIK to the performance edge of the GOTO shortboard.

Alan says  "My surfing has always been about keeping flow, this translates into the range I'm creating which starts at the FLOWSTIK and works it's way up the performance ladder to the GOTO. Somewhere in the direct middle you have the STOKESTIK. I'm looking for sensitivity as well as flow when it comes to my surfboards. I don't want to pump, I want to ride the fastest lines and I want a board that instantly connects with that critical section propelling forwards and providing the speed needed to draw fast fluid turns on a wave. The STOKESTIK is a hybrid shortboard. It's an all rounder and it's as comfortable cruising as it is in the air. I love this thing on my home break especially on the mid tide banks where nothing is really lining up and I need to make the most of what is on offer".


 So what makes this board so special?


At first glance it might appear that little is more on the STOKESTIK but don't let look's fool you! Look closely and you will notice the white TST Performance Tech that gives this board it's super lively feel. This engineered flex maximises wave energy for fast acceleration in and out of turns. Add this to the subtle gloss white rails and minimalistic branding and you've got a timeless, clean look, totally styled out board design with performance to boot.

We have taken the bottom shape of the popular FLOWSTIK design, marrying it with a single half moon exit channel to add lift and speed through turns in average surf which makes top turns and carves on this board feel effortless and smooth. Combined that with the pulled in tail and downturned rail and sensitive rocker the STOKESTIK is a really sensitive board for something so volumous. 

Alan says " the rails are straight off my GOTO and the outline template is what I would call a bullet shaped hybrid, built for down the line speed and easy turning radius given its extra width. The best way I could describe the feeling of surfing this board is kind of like a cheat sheet shortboard with the paddle power of a fish. Although I can surf it in tiny waves I wouldn't say it's a groveller at all... it's a great board when it gets bigger too".  

Key features 

Fin set up: thruster or quad

 Bottom shape: Super fast concave of the FLOWSTIK with half moon shape channel.

Rails: from the GOTO shortboard.

Rocker: Taken from a performance fish allowing drive and speed through flat sections.


Outline: performance hybrid

midlength foil with added volume up front and more sensitivity for turns through the tail.


Available in

TST Performance Flex for all round pro high performance 


Classic Flex for superior flow, speed and cruise ability whilst still riding a shorter board. 

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