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Introducing the FORM WAVE KING a versatile, do-it-all longboard for all riders in waves from knee-high to a little overhead.

The WAVE KING is our answer to the ultimate flow machine...the 'daddy' of wave catching, and the boss of utilising whatever waves are on offer. This is no traditional log, or limited cruiser, it's got way more ingrained performance dialled for surfing off the tail. It's well understood that high performance shortboards are harder to surf, however it's longboarding counterpart is quite the opposite.
The dual purpose WAVE KING is easy to control and manipulate off the tail. Integral to the WAVE KING's design is the relatively significant rocker, sensitive spiral vee concaves and pinched 60/40 rails, leading to a 'hull' style boat rail at the nose.

The goal was to develop a board which caught waves easily, was easy to surf but with the ability to 'step it up' a notch if required. The overall outline boasts a nice wide nose for stability and lift when wandering towards the nose, but the pulled in tail offers sensitivity and easy speed control when surfing off the tail. Pool these attributes with the single fin box and you're left with effortless flow in small to medium sized waves with the room to create more aggressive lines should you want to.

The FORM WAVE KING  is the perfect longboard for the surfer looking to add a longboard to his quiver, the surfer keen to explore the variation and diversity a board like this brings to the table.


The perfect solution to the 'do-it-all' longboard conundrum and absolutely ideal if  you really want to give longboarding a go but are unsure whether a traditional or progressive longboard should be your choice. Whether you're a seasoned longboarder or you're new to surfing and are keen to get into longboarding...the brilliant WAVE KING is difficult to ignore.


Dimensions - WAVE KING


9ft 22 7/8 x 2.75 65.1 litres

9ft 2 x 23 x 2.87 69.7 litres

9ft 4 23.50 x 3.00 75.6 litres

6ft 6 23.75 x 3 1/8 79.2 litres


We love to ride the WAVE KING as both a single fin and single plus side bites depending on conditions. The single fin setup adds flow and style to turns and feels great when nose riding. The side bites add extra stability, hold and drive and excels in small weak surf allowing the board to flow down the line and through flat sections. Alan loves using his FCS 8.0 single  fin in this board.


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