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Introducing The Mod Pro, Form Surfboards' latest and most innovative mid-length surfboard yet.

The Mod Pro makes transitioning from a shortboard bearable or re-energizes your surfing if you're feeling jaded with your current mid-length. It adds fun and ease, boosting confidence and flair in your surfing. While dreams of making it to the world tour may have passed, the aspiration to surf harder never dies for most surfers.

After revitalizing your surfing abilities with a mid-length, you need a board that combines wave-catching ease with performance. Enter the Mod Pro: bridging newfound confidence with optimal surfing performance in various conditions.

Its flat deck and mid-area ensure stability while paddling, enhancing wave-catching ability. The foiled foam into the tail offers engaged rail through turns, making it agile off the back foot. Channels maximize lift, facilitating fluid surfing with forgiveness. The tail's subtle curves maintain pivot and speed. The clustered thruster setup allows for versatility, surfed as a twin fin, twin plus trailer, or conventional thruster, adapting to varying waves and surfing styles.

Balanced and volume-efficient, the Mod Pro is ideal for stepping down from a mid-length without sacrificing too much volume. It suits surfers seeking an easier ride than their standard shortboard without compromising performance across different wave types.

The Form Mod Pro: the ultimate mini mid-length for UK surfers pushing their limits.


6ft 0 x 20.5 x 2.75  35.8 litres

6ft 2 x 20.75 x 2.8125 38.1 litres

6ft 4 x 21 x 2.875 40.6 litres

6ft 6 x 21.25 x 2.9375 43.3 litres

6ft 8 x 21.5 x 3 46 litres

Or totally customisable through

Boardshops online board builder here  

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