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Fully Pitted - Updates from the FORM Factory May 2022

Hello again from everyone here at FORM Surfboards. We’ve been a little bit quiet on here lately whilst we planned, tested new boards and had a re shuffle but now we are back.

Each month we are going to be talking about exciting things happening here at FORM plus insights into why each FORM Surfboard is unique, how each design came about and evolved, what we love about each surfboard shape and when and where we surf them to get the most out of each surf and the conditions. Hopefully I can pass on some of my surfing experience to you all in the process.

May was a busy month here at FORM HQ we dropped off a bunch of epic looking boards to the awesome crew at @boardshopcouk , all hand delivered in board bags that we reuse every time to avoid plastic and cardboard waste.

This drop included some very summer ready WAVEKING longboards a cool looking blue resin tint FLOWSTIK Pro mid length for Guy Jarvis who’s already loving his STOKESTIK and some very shred ready ADPT's.

Freshly racked ADPT's ready to style into some twin fin or thruster carves at

Also this month after a lot of designing and R&D tweaks we finally got to reveal a few new exciting and interesting surfboard designs. Fresh looking boards that will eventually make it into the FORM Surfboard collection including a FORM + Steve Darchy collab, a twin fin fish & a progressive shortboard for the bigger surfers out there. Watch this space for updates on all of these boards performance as they hit the waves in June.

Each month of the year brings with it a variety of different surf conditions and with it the opportunity to surf all kinds of weird and wonderful surfboards. Spotted this month were The FLOWSTIK Pro flying along some great southern sand bars the new GOTO+ performance shortboard and the WAVEKING longboard for those smaller perfect days.

photo Megan Hemsworth Stokes FLOWSTIK Pro FCS Power Twin fins.

FORM ripper award of the month has to go to Ed Woolner for this crazy hack on his FLOWSTIK Pro at The Wave. Word on the street its still raing in Bristol from this mighty slay!

Check out all of the FORM Surfboards in this post plus the full FORM Surfboard collection exclusively at BOARDSHOP.CO.UK

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