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FORM Surfboards is here!

Updated: May 9, 2018

FORM Surfboards designed by professional surfer Alan Stokes. FORM Surfboards is a brand new surfboard brand created by top UK surfer Alan Stokes. Together with a team of board builders who have worked together for over 10 years, have teamed up to create a collection of surfboards that combine functionality with expression and cutting edge surfboard design.

FORM Surfboards came from the desire to be free from the constraint of traditional board design. After spending 30 years competing at a top professional level, Alan's interest in board design and how a wave should be surfed changed from solely high-performance shortboards to new concepts, different designs and new lines. A surfboard brand dedicated to unique, expressive and functional performance shapes for surfers.

Using new materials and construction methods FORM Surfboards also strives to be at the forefront of design and innovation, to bring you the highest level of performance in all conditions. 

FORM Surfboards, created by the surfer. Designed from experience, crafted from knowledge.

Check out Alan surfing and testing the FORM collection at home in the video below.

Form Surfboards designed by Alan Stokes

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