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Deep Sea Angler


The freedom of the ADPT and the glide of the FLOWSTIK, now that's gotta feel good! But how did the Deep Sea Angler come about? 


After meeting and clicking with Theo Noller of Noller Designs, chief FORM Surfboard designer and tester Alan Stokes and Theo got to work creating a very special collab surfboard design. The duo set about testing boards that finally lead to The DSA design. Named the Deep Sea Angler because it catches waves so early with minimal effort. Utilising a beautiful sweeping and unique long fish design, the DSA has tremendous early wave entry manipulation and instant freedom on the wave face with speed to burn - perfectly encapsulating the core ideals of the FORM Surfboard collection especially the popular FLOWSTIK and ADPT.


This board can be surfed in anything and we mean anything! The DSA is simple design used masterfully. A long fish template outline that mirrors the characteristics of the performance ADPT twin/thruster, the pulled in tail encouraging responsive smooth turning radius off the tail. Enjoy greater speed down the line whilst riding this board with a higher wide point and wider fish nose that synonymously work with the softer entry and exit rockers to offer pocket control throughout the ride.

 The whole design is finally sewn together with high performance pinched rails that flow right through to the swallow tail. The tightly clustered quad fin set up allows for some beautiful carving arcs and makes sure you keep control of that speed at all times. It's a thing of beauty in and out the water with cutlap rails, cool resin tints and a final gloss polish finish that stands this board out from the crowd. We love peoples reactions when they first see this board. It really is the type of board that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it?


We love to ride the DSA with split keel quad fins. The quad fin setup allows for maximum speed and drive. This fin combo also adds a smooth arching flow to turns. If your surfing clean waves or long points breaks this would be an ideal fin setup. The quad also excels in small weak surf allowing the board to freely flow down the line and through flat sections. Alan loves using his FCS split keel fins in this board.


As an alternative fin optional that add's more vertical attack to your turns, especially on those onshore days when waves lack that down the line wall. Alan loves using a more upright FCS quad fin setup.

Dimensions - DSA


6ft 6 x 20.5 x 2.83      40.1 L

6ft 8 x 20 3/4       42.5 L

6ft 10 x 21 1/8     45.6

7ft  x  21.5  x  2.875       48.3 L

7ft 2 x 21 7/8       51.5 L


Watch FORM designer pro surfer Alan Stokes surfing the Deep Sea Angler

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